From the recording Drink a Little Whiskey


Drink a Little Whiskey

I’m going to drink a little whiskey, can’t you have some with me?
You’d say, “Whiskey’s going to make everything all right.”
Drink a little whiskey, can’t you have one with me
And tell me I’m going to be all right.

I remember when life seemed so easy.
If it came around, we played it straight.
But if storm clouds gathered in, we’d ride off in the wind,
The Devil and his due would have to wait.

Lord, I’ve had my share of troubles.
I’ve never had much pride as you know.
But I still felt like a man, when you would take my hand,
Kiss me and tell me to let it go.

Time causes many changes.
The things you love, you sometimes lose.
One thing I said I’d do, I’d never stop holding you
If the time ever came when I had to choose.

Oh my, was I mistaken
If ever I thought that I had a choice.
That third Sunday in June, the last time I saw you,
Feels like the day that I lost my voice.