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The Good, the Bad, and the Painfully Ironic 

A Friday night in a famous bar in a famous city. Load-in is at 6:45pm.  You're the 4th one there at 6:30.  There is an alley behind the venue lined with garbage dumpsters puddles and rats, like a scene from Gotham.  Unload the car, meet up with your bandmates, meet the sound girl, who is awesome.  Hannah.  Meet the guys in the other band.  The other guys in your band have used an app to prepay for parking spots because parking in the city sucks.  They can't drive a couple of blocks and find a spot?  It's…

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What Just Happened?????? 

We just got home from Chicago.  It's 2:02 am.  We took a Sunday night show in the city at Bootleggers on Division because we'll be playing across the street at The Original Mothers in 12 days and we thought there would be a slim chance that some people might wander into the bar and we could make a couple of new fans for the show...


We were wrong.  It wasn't a slim chance at all.  It was worse.


We brought a catastrophic number of people to the bar tonight...three.  Out promoter would not appreciate…

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What's next? 

Well, we've played more shows in a three month period than I've ever played, that's for sure.  And we have two more before March is over.  Checking with the guys, they all agree.  You know, you never make a ton of money at any one show, but when you play lots of them, you actually acquire a little band money.  So what's next for The Bare Hambones?  I think you can expect the release of the first album in the fall or winter of 2015.  We have some songs that we have worked out on front of you guys, and we…

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What's it like to be in the band? 

There are a million bands all searching for the golden ticket.  I'm not going to hide it, we're one of them.  If you ask any one of us what the goal of the band is, we might give different versions of the answer, but basically, it's about getting to play in front of numbers of people so large that we can't count them on our collective fingers, toes, and abacuses.  I would very much like to be a famous rock and roll star and get the money that comes with it.  And I'm not ashamed to admit it.


But we're…

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The Best Live Show We've Ever Had 

Here's what we hope happens when we book a show (these are not in order of priority).

1. So many people show up that the fire marshal stops by to enforce the maximum capacity for the building.  We hear later that people couldn't get in to see us play (this has happened once in all the shows I've ever played and it was mostly but not entirely due to the band that we were opening for).


2. The manager of the venue is so impressed with how we played and how many people showed up that he or she pays us more…

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First official 'After Practice Blog' 

If you're following The Bare Hambones this closely, we'd like to key you in on some insights as to how practice goes.  Here are the rules to practice:

1. We almost always have a setlist for an upcoming show that we're getting ready for so it's written on a white board on the wall in Tim's basement and we follow it during practice so hopefully when we play them live, the band has a flow in our heads between songs that comes across to the crowd that night.

2. At any given time in between songs on the…

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Welcome to The Bare Hambones website 

At the beginning of 2015, The Bare Hambones would like to welcome you to our new website,  We have an email list on the page.  Please leave your email address so we can send you announcements about upcoming shows, recordings and such.

In this blog section, we'll update things that are happening during practice.  There will be insights for new songs that we're putting together, new shows we're thinking about playing, music we've come across that we like, plans for an upcoming album…

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