What's next?

Well, we've played more shows in a three month period than I've ever played, that's for sure.  And we have two more before March is over.  Checking with the guys, they all agree.  You know, you never make a ton of money at any one show, but when you play lots of them, you actually acquire a little band money.  So what's next for The Bare Hambones?  I think you can expect the release of the first album in the fall or winter of 2015.  We have some songs that we have worked out on front of you guys, and we have some pieces of songs that you haven't heard.   So what's next?  We roll up our sleeves and get to work.


If you've read all of these, we've talked about what practice looks like when you're getting ready for a show.  There's a set list and each guy plays and goes through a thought process of "this is where I go for it" and "this is where I have to make sure I play it right because I've been missing right here," and even, "This is where Mike shines, so I should back off."  But practice is about to get very different for all of us.


There is nothing like writing a new song and having the band join in.  There's nothing like it anywhere in the world.


I think we have enough ideas for songs to fill up two albums.  But every idea doesn't always pan out with the rest of the band.  There's a great feeling when you start a song and everybody dives right in and can't wait for you to finish what you started, but you also try not to let it bother you when you think you have the next big song and when you first play it for the band, they give the thousand yard stare which means they have nothing good to say about it.


We're about to have practice turn into "This song can make the album if we do this,"  and "Let's decide to let that one go,"  and "I have a new idea, listen to this,"  and "I finally wrote that last verse."  The Bare Hambones are about to start The Project.


So, if you've been watching and listening.  If you've been thinking about being a fan of The Bare Hambones, we have news for you:  start paying attention.  We have lots to offer in 2015.

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