The Bare Hambones

The Bare Hambones consider themselves a roots band.  They bring to the stage a blend of bluegrass, rockabilly, outlaw country, blues and rock music.  With country and rockabilly rhythms from the bass and piano, a lead guitar player playing a strong lead, acoustic guitar filling in the sound between, and creative, lively drums, the room is filled with energy when The Bare Hambones play.

Tim Larsen - Piano Player, singer

Tim Larsen has been hacking away at the piano since he was about 12 years old.  Never had a lesson, can't read music (which he refers to as 'the dots on the page'), and very much dislikes being referred to as a keyboard player.  And for god sake, don't suggest that he play a keytar.  He's simply just a piano player.


Tim started The Bare Hambones as a way to have a great birthday party.  He got in touch with Brad Riverdahl and the Hambones original bass player, Tim Konn and the idea sounded good enough for the guys to agree to sit in for the night.  Tim's friend Michael Brown had been playing an acoustic guitar for awhile, so he and lead guitar player Johnny Wilson rounded out the initial lineup for the birthday show.  After that night, Tim Larsen, Mike Brown and Brad Riverdahl wanted to keep the ball rolling, so they reached out to the internet and found Tony Kubicek.  After adding Jeff Cali on lead guitar, The Bare Hambones were ready to start playing shows, writing songs, and recording.


When The Bare Hambones played that initial show, it was the first night since 1992 that Tim sang a lead vocal.  He's still working on getting over the nerves from that night.  He does tend to shy away from attention...


Michael Brown - Acoustic guitar

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Michael Brown" plays an acoustic guitar.  He rounds out the sound while the other guys are picking away at notes and melodies.  Mike Brown was playing solo at open mic nights before The Bare Hambones came along.  He is frequently the glue that holds the creative element together.  When the band has an issue with a line or naming a song, Mike brown comes through every time.  


Brad Riverdahl - Drums

Brad Riverdahl has played drums in a spectrum of genres over the last 20 years.  In the late 90's, he toured with a pop punk band called The Amazing Transparent Man.  Through most of the 2000's he and Tim Larsen played together in The Psychobilly Kadillaks, an insurgent country band.  Rounding out the 2000's and into the 10's, Brad played in an Iron Maiden Tribute band, and here he is pulled back toward the roots music with The Bare Hambones.  It is Brad Riverdahl's drums that put the foot in the ass of this band's music. 

Tony Kubicek - Bass


Tony Kubicek is an outstanding musician.  If you name a song, he'll start playing it within moments.  Trained as a jazz guitarist, he loves playing his 5-string bass.  He is the foundation of The Bare Hambones sound.  His timing is spot on.  His rhythms are solid, yet creative, and his harmonies make the bands vocals something to remember.


Jeff Cali - Lead Guitar

Jeff Cali entered the band in January of 2017.  An accomplished guitar player, he's been playing for 28 years.  A veteran of 5 different bands that have hit the stages as large as Chicago's Taste Fest, Madison's Blues Fest, etc.  He started playing with his brother years ago and has been a member of the likes of 61 Beale Street and Southbound 61.  His genre background has been southern rock and blues, so Jeff brings a new flavor to the Bare Hambones' sound.  Jeff worked with Tony Kubicek and they were asked to play together for a work function.  Tony immediately suggested that Jeff Cali could be the final piece of the puzzle.  Things have been moving along smoothly ever since.

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